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woman's body · 28. agosto 2019
Pippa Bacca, born Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (1974 – 2008), was the niece of the late conceptual Italian artist Piero Manzoni. Bacca was a feminist artist who, together with a fellow artist, was hitchhiking internationally to promote world peace under the motto, "marriage between different peoples and nations", symbolically wearing a wedding dress during her trek. That faith inspired the Italian performance artist to embark on a pilgrimage of the Middle East, dressed as a “Peace...

woman's body · 18. ottobre 2018
Cristiane Bouger (b. Curitiba/Brazil) is a New York-based artist who works in the intersection of performance, video, theater, poetry, and critical writing. She is inspired by philosophy, literature, contemporary dance, and punk/post-punk influences. She is the co-founder of UMWELT Studio, in Brooklyn/New York. The imagery of her work reveals both existential and symbolic examinations upon the body, biography, culture, and politics. The substance of her practice reflects on the paradoxical...

woman's body · 16. ottobre 2018
Milo Moiré (born 1983) is a Swiss conceptual artist known for her nude performances and the use of her body in her art. Moiré was born in Switzerland, of Slovak and Spanish origin, but works from Düsseldorf, Germany. She has an Art Academy background and a master's degree in psychology from University of Bern in Switzerland (magna cum laude). In June 2014, for The Script System No. 2, Moiré travelled to Art Basel naked with the names of items of clothing marked on her body in paint; she was...

woman's body · 16. ottobre 2018
Long before feminism and performance art became cultural commodities, Schneemann pioneered using her own body to actively explore beyond the boundaries of the then-current Abstract Expressionist art world. Connected with and surpassing the early experimental Happenings, Schneemann embraced the political and erotic battleground of female identity. Almost all of the works here use photography as a component. Schneemann wants the viewer to see "how photos extend the reference from the touch of the...

woman's body · 14. ottobre 2018
Iranian-born Shirin Neshat (b. 1957) has produced a series of lyrical video installations that touch on such issues as gender politics, cultural self-definition and the authority of religion. Drawing on the artist’s experiences as a Middle Eastern émigré as well as more universal themes of identity, desire and social isolation. Since 2003, Neshat has been engaged in an ambitious two-part video/film project based on (and titled after) the 1989 novel Women Without Men by the Iranian writer...

woman's body · 02. ottobre 2018
Pipilotti (Elisabeth) Rist (Swiss 1962) is a visual artist. She is best known for creating experiential video art and installation art that often portray self-portraits and singing. Her work is often described as surreal, intimate, abstract art, having a preoccupation with the female body. Her artwork is often categorized as feminist art. In a 2011 Guardian exhibition review article, Rist describes her feminism: "Politically," she says, "I am a feminist, but personally, I am not. For me, the...

woman's body · 02. settembre 2018
Sylvia Palacios Whitman, Green Hands, performance, 1977 Foto: Babette Mangolte

woman's body · 01. settembre 2018
Valerie Sharp, A delicate balance, performance Art Sketch by Valerie Sharp Essential Departures, Rosekill FarmRosendale NY, July 2016 Film credit: Jana Astanov, Photo credit: Ian Deleon

woman's body · 31. agosto 2018
Still from Marina Abramović, Nude with Skeleton, 2002. Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery

woman's body · 31. agosto 2018
Hannah Wilke, S.O.S. Starification Object Series. One of 36 playing cards from mastication box, 1975

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