The Fourth Season by Cristiane Bouger

Cristiane Bouger, The Fourth Season, 2017. Photo by Roger Regner
Cristiane Bouger, The Fourth Season, 2017. Photo by Roger Regner

Cristiane Bouger (b. Curitiba/Brazil) is a New York-based artist who works in the intersection of performance, video, theater, poetry, and critical writing. She is inspired by philosophy, literature, contemporary dance, and punk/post-punk influences. She is the co-founder of UMWELT Studio, in Brooklyn/New York.
The imagery of her work reveals both existential and symbolic examinations upon the body, biography, culture, and politics. The substance of her practice reflects on the paradoxical nature of human experience with its clash, overlapping, and intertwinement of existence/essence, immanence/transcendence, presence/absence, and biography/fiction. Through her interdisciplinary work, she aims to provoke dissonances and the displacement of meaning to ignite an unexpected perceptual apprehension on the viewers. She looks for the gap in which the automatized recognition of meaning fails, allowing space for reflection and contemplation.

In The Fourth Season, cherries are used as a symbol of desire and the cause of rejection, which is thrown back at artist face. Its title addresses the winter, when everything is transformed by a potential death. "The camera in close up shows me awaiting for someone who will never appear on the video. Meanwhile, I am transformed both by internal and external impositions inferred by my insistent and insolent desire". http://www.cristianebouger.com